SwitchEasy 4pcs Drawing Tip with Storage Box For EasyPencil Pro 4/ Apple Pencil

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Drawing Tip: Drawing Tip
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  • Compatible with EasyPencil Pro 4, Apple Pencil 1 & 2
  • Tilt sensitivity. Draw shades like a real pencil.
  • Ultra-fine POM tip produces responsive thin ink on screen.
  • Multi-purpose tips to choose from  general, writing or drawing.
  • General POM tip
  • Supporting tilt and write sensitivity
  • Same feel as Apple Pencil tip
  • Writing Metal tip
  • Durable and long lasting. Sustained over 150,000 times crocking testing.
  • Same feel as a ball-point pen. Specially fitted for paperlike film.
  • Tip won't scratch the screen
  • Drawing Transparent tip
  • Smooth and sensitive
  • Non-slipping and whisper quiet
  • Lagless and responsive
  • How to change your stylus tip
  • 1. Turn the tip counter-clockwise to remove.
  • 2. Turn the tip clockwise to install.

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