All local orders are delivered by our appointed courier Ninjavan. After your order is processed, your order status will be updated in your account (does not apply to Guest Checkout).

All orders will be packed within 2 working days unless otherwise stated.

  • Premium Delivery will be delivery next day once picked up by NinjaVan
  • Standard Delivery will be delivery between 2-5 days after picked up by Ninja Van

Delivery will be made on weekdays between 10am - 10pm regarding to related courier policy.


In-store pickup – pickup address : 3 Gambas Cres Nordcom One #06-05, Singapore 757088

Once your order is ready for pickup (typically within 1-3 working days), you will be notified by email/via My Account status update. Please contact +6594870065 if you need any arrangement for the pick up.



  • Most standard shipments sent from the Singapore are shipped through Fedex/DHL/J&T/NinjaVan, but are handed off to your local mail carrier once it arrives in the destination country.
  • Orders typically take 3-15 business days to reach international destinations, but can sometimes take as long as 4-6 weeks for some destinations. It ultimately depends on where you live and what you've ordered... we wish we could give better specifics than that, but due to the complexities of international shipping we cannot. Orders can require up to 1 day to process.
  • At this time, we regret that we can only offer 4 shipping method. Should you wish to use another shipping carrier, please email info@one2world.com.sg. Shipping rates in this case will vary.


Customs taxes and/or duties are imposed by your country, not us. It is completely out of our control as to what these charges are and if you will be charged. Please contact your local customs office to find out more before placing your order.



We will not be responsible for any items damaged during transit. Any claims should be filed with the respective carrier.

If all else fails, please contact our support team directly for assistance at info@one2world.com.sg


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