PITAKA [Weaving+ Limited Edition] Fusion Weaving Jacquard Weaving Military-grade Ultra Thin Lightweight Aramid Fiber MagEZ Case 3 Pixel Game Bundle Kit for iPhone 14 Pro 6.1" / iPhone 14 Pro Max 6.7"

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Model: iPhone 14 Pro 6.1"
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Pixel Art

  • Pixel art is a great form to showcase nostalgic style and unique aesthetics. The application of 8-bit pixel art makes the pixel game pattern simple and bright with a retro style.

Fusion Weaving & Pixel Jacquard Weaving

  • Using Fusion Weaving™ and jacquard weaving techniques, low-fidelity and rough color blocks appear on aramid fiber fabrics to showcase the game pattern.
  • Jacquard is a concave-convex pattern composed of interlaced warp and weft. The pixel pattern on the front requires another layer of silk threads crisscrossing on the back. So the jacquard pattern has an inconsistent front and back (as shown in the picture below).

Unique Numbers

  • With a unique product number on the camera ring, the Pixel Game phone case you get will be uniquely yours.

Thinness and Lightness:

  • The MagSafe case is the thinnest and lightest of its kind.
  • Thickness: 1.35 mm
  • Weight: 20-30 g

MagSafe Compatible

  • Built-in strong MagSafe magnets let you snap your phone to MagSafe chargers, car mounts, and wallets without removing the case.

Military-grade Aramid Fiber

  • Crafted from military-grade aramid fiber, the case can protect your phone from wear and tear. And it can hold up for years as the material is durable and chemically stable.

Package Contents:
  • 1 x MagEZ Case 3
  • 1 x MagEZ Grip
  • 1 x Badge

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