Solar-Powered Car-Mounted Aroma Diffuser With Floating And Rotating Design, Creative Car Accessory And Gift With Scented Features

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Scent: Cologne
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  • Fresh Cologne: Mature and stable male fragrance.
  • Blue Ocean: A vibrant fragrance that is light and light.
  • Freesia: Natural and comfortable clear floral fragrance.​
  • ​Concentration index: (3.0 moderate):
  • Remove aldehyde odor.
  • Safe for infants and expectant mothers.
  • A continual aroma for 365 days.
  • Optical fragrance augmentation. smoldering in the sun.
  • Edification by sunlight.
  • The fragrance is purer.
  • Lasts longer.
  • Solar optical enhancement has a more pronounced effect.
  • Aromatherapy factor is released.
  • Adsorbs bacteria. Breakdown odor.
  • Exudes a delicate fragrance. Comfortable and pleasant.​​

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