CITTA Crystal Stone Diffuser with 10ML Essential Oil

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CITTASKU: CT-Cryst-Stone-Pink
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Scent: Pink Crystal / Grasse Style
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do crystals diffuse fragrance?
A: Naturally translucent mineral crystals are born with tiny pores, which effectively absorb essential oils and lock in the fragrance, thus giving it a long-lasting and fragrant aroma. Our essential oils have a good volatility and are stored in the stone, where they are then volatilised through the stone's own pores.

Q: Are the stones dyed? Will the colour fade when the oil is applied?
A: The colour and texture of natural stones are the work of nature and are not artificially dyed. It is unlikely that the colour will fade after the oil has been applied.

Q: Is there an expiry date? Can I change the fragrance on the original stone after I have used it up?
A: The stone has no expiry date. You can change the scent, provided you wait for the original fragrance on the stone to evaporate completely and the fragrance is no longer present. Otherwise there may be a mix of scents.

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