Bitplay Wander Pack 24L Backpack Travel Pack

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  • outfitWander Pack Series | Wander Pack 24L
  • bitplay Wander Pack 24L is a versatile and durable backpack designed for a variety of travel and outdoor activities. It features a lightweight design, weatherproofing, tear resistance, multiple compartments, an anti-theft design, and AirMesh fabric. Ideal for both urban commuting and outdoor excursions and adventures.

  • Full-Zip Opening: Easy access to items stored inside, even if they are placed in the deeper compartments, making it suitable for packing 2-3 days' worth of travel clothing.

  • Lockable Quick-Release Clip: Add convenience and increase theft protection.

  • Professional-Grade Materials
  • ULTRALIGHT  -  Pressure-Free & Lightweight
  • WEATHERPROOF - Keeps Your Essentials Dry
  • TEAR-RESISTANT - Made of High-Strength Fabric
  • Pressure-Free & Lightweight
  • Chest / Waist Clip:  The adjustable chest and waist clip disperse the weight of the backpack evenly.
  • AirMesh Fabric: A high-tech and breathable mesh material designed for comfort.
  • Luggage Strap Compatible|Insert the Wander Pack into the slot for reduced weight and improved mobility.

  • Anti-Theft Design|Ensure the Safety of Your Personal Belongings
  • Hidden Pocket: Securely store important items like your passport and wallet in a discreet pocket.

  • Heavy-Duty Tank Weave Straps: These straps are made from heavy-duty tank weave material to prevent cuts from blades and tears.
  • Bottom Material: The bottom is scratch-resistant and compatible with external attachments.

  • Anti-theft Straps|A unique strap design that deters pickpockets and enhances theft protection.

  • Sacoche Bag 2L can be integrated with Wander Pack 24L
  • This multi-functional bag can not only be carried by itself, but also combined with different Wander Pack bags for easy transfer of personal items, and multiple layers of protection to avoid leaving behind important items!

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