RHINOSHIELD GRIPMAX Compatible with MagSafe

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Color: Black
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Open. Hold. Close. Simple.

  • GRIP series – an exclusive patented design by RHINOSHIELD – allows you to attach the GRIPMAX and place your phone in any direction you desire. Prop it up within one second and it's ready to go.

Hold it comfortably

  • GRIPMAX comfortably supports your hand when holding your phone in various positions. Say goodbye to soreness from holding your iPhone for extended periods of time.

Vertical or horizontal - Easily switch as you wish

  • GRIPMAX satisfies all of your phone holding needs, whether you're watching videos, FaceTiming, or taking selfies. You can hold it or place it anywhere you desire, eliminating the need to worry about where to put your phone, making your life easier.

Superior magnetic force for MagSafe

  • Experience the strength of a powerful magnetic force with our GRIPMAX (MagSafe compatible). Attach it to your phone and never worry about the grip shifting or falling off again. Switch MagSafe accessories easily, anytime.

Easy reattachment

  • Re-attachable for more than 100 times. Our re-positionable phone grip can be re-attached and adjusted at any time to provide you with the best user experience.

Phone grip with a strong grip

  • Regardless of everyday bumps or gusts of wind, the phone stands firmly and remains resistant to falls.
The most durable phone holder
  • Can be opened and closed over 200,000 times. Use it whenever you need it.

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