O2W SELECTION INIPHIC PD60 Mouse Pad 30*25cm, White and Blue

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Mecha Style Design:

  • The mouse pad features a stylish and futuristic "Mecha" design, appealing to gamers, tech enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates a unique aesthetic. This design can add a cool and eye-catching element to your gaming setup or workspace.



​Standard Size 25 × 30CM:
  • It provides ample room for precise mouse movements, making it ideal for gaming, graphic design, or any task requiring precise cursor control.

3MM Thickening Design:

  • The 3MM thickness of the mouse pad adds comfort and support for your wrist and forearm during long hours of use. This can help reduce fatigue and strain, promoting a more comfortable computing experience.

High-Quality Natural Rubber Material:

  • Crafted from high-quality natural rubber material, the INPHIC PD900 Mouse Pad offers durability and longevity. The natural rubber construction ensures that the mouse pad maintains its shape and resilience over time, even with heavy use.

Anti-Slip Texture on the Back:

  • The mouse pad is designed with an anti-slip texture on the back, providing excellent grip on various surfaces. This ensures that the mouse pad stays firmly in place, preventing any unwanted movement or slippage during intense gaming sessions or work tasks.

Tight Red Lock:

  • The tight red lock around the edges not only adds a touch of visual flair but also serves a functional purpose. It helps to prevent fraying and ensures the longevity of the mouse pad, maintaining its aesthetics and performance for an extended period.

Washable and Easy to Clean:

  • The washable design of the mouse pad makes maintenance a breeze. Simply rinse with water and mild detergent to keep the surface clean and free from dust, dirt, and spills. This feature enhances the longevity of the mouse pad, ensuring it remains in top condition for long-lasting use.

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