O2W SELECTION FOUNDER Q5 23-in-1 Multi-Functional Cleaning Set

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Meet All Your Needs. Multi-function All in One.

1.      Integrated Storage Design - Organized, neat, and beautiful.

2.      Mobile Phone Holder - Hands free.

3.      Earphone Charging Compartment Cleaning - Attracts Dust / Stain.

4.      Camera Cleaning - Removed dust and impurities from the gaps in the fuselage.

5.      Keyboard Deep Cleaning - Easily clean dust and impurities.

Compact and Portable Easy to Carry

·        Cleverly integrated storage makes full use of space, and the small body accommodates more functions. Integrated Design, Flexible and Portable

·        Cleverly integrated storage to prevent you from finding it when you needed it. Mobile phone Holder does not take up space

·        It's fun to watch dramas, and it's even more fun to watch dramas while eating snacks.

·        The compact stand can support your leisure time.

·        Creative Storage Stationary Powerful Desktop - A desktop helper full of skills.


Axis Puller to easily Pull out the Keys - The shaft of the mechanical keyboard can be removed for further cleaning.


Keyboard Cleaning

1. Telescopic Key puller - Easily remove keycaps

2. Keyboard Soft Brush - Deep clean your keyboard.


Deeply Clean your Earphones for New Sounds - Comprehensively clean the earphone amplifier port and charging compartment, remove grease and dirt, and restore clear sound quality.


Earphone Cleaning

1. Soft Silicone Tip - Remove Dirt from sound outlet.

2. High Density Brush - Brush away dust from the pressure relief hole.

Special Cleaning Stick for Sensor - Fully fits the sensor and can effectively remove the mildew, blackspots, and dust with just one wipe.

Camera Cleaning

1. Camera Cleaning Brush - Clean dust from small groups.

2. Lens Cleaner - Give your lenses a new-look.


Spray and Wipe - The screen will be as bright as new.

Screen Cleaning

1. Cleaning Liquid Spray - No damage to the screen, efficient and clean.

2. Microfiber Flannel - Efficient cleaning without leaving lint.

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