Midea 6L Health Washing Mini Plus Dishwasher White,MDWS-2703

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  • Length: 53.20cm X Width: 55.20cm X Height: 58.80cm X Weight: 8kg
  • Midea Mini Plus could freely adapt into any kitchen setup -Ready to use without going through the hassles of installation
  • There are two options available for adding the water inside. Option 1: Connect inlet hose directly to the water tap Option 2: Add water into the dishwasher’s tank manually
  • Rinse with 72°C water flow and remove common bacteria in your daily life. The light circle will turn to red color when the temperature is above 59°C.
  • Auto open to achieve better drying performance. -The door will open automatically through a telescopic rod during the drying process.
  • 30mm taller larger capacity design - Up to 270mm plates loading - Variety of loading options to meet different usage needs
  • Provide multiple loading solutions for your cups and wine glasses.

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