iCarer Family® Duck Aromatherapy Air Humidifier Rechargable Night Light Touch USB Lamp, Yellow

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Product Specifications:
  • Product Material: Silicone + PVC
  • Product Weight: 350g
  • Capacity: 100ml
  • Power Rating: 5W
  • Spray Duration: About 1.6 hours (Intermittent spraying can reach more than 6 hours, continuous spray is up to 3 hours)

  • Cute duck shape
  • Easy to use
  • Switchable mode (Standard Mode, Night Light, Distraction Free mode)
  • LED low power consumption
  • No RF interference
  • Soft gradient warm light
  • Ultra-quiet humidification
  • Accompany you at every moment
  • One key to turn on, tap to switch mode
  • The soft light protects your eyes and offers you deep sleep every night
  • It can be used as an aroma diffuser and humidifier at the same time

Intelligent Functions:
  • "EASY PATTING" SWITCHING MODE: Gently pat to wake up the gradient soft light cycle mode.
  • NO NEED TO ADD WATER FREQUENTLY: 100ml capacity, working time depends on the selected mode.
  • ONE BUTTON TO SWITCH HUMIDIFICATION CONTROL: Press the "Mist" button to turn on the humidification mode, with options for continuous spraying or intermittent spraying.
  • INTELLIGENTLY ANTI-DRY BURNING FUNCTION: When the water level is low, the humidification function automatically turns off. A bright sound will be emitted when the "Mist" switch is turned on with very low water levels.

  • The light is bright and soft
  • Light mist moisturizes the air
  • The faint fragrance relaxes the mind (AROMATHERAPY)
  • Essential oil molecules are jumping and dancing in the air
  • At night, just start an aromatherapy humidifier, romance also comes, and the gentle mist lingers, freely enjoying a dreamy, romantic time.

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