BUTTERCASE Inspire Series Protective Case For iPhone 15 Pro 6.1"/ 15 Pro Max 6.7"

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Model: iPhone 15 Pro 6.1"
Color: Christmas Tree
Sale price$38.00


BUTTERCASE Inspire Series is designed with a blend of materials to provide comprehensive protection for your phone. The anti-yellow TPU bumper ensures long-lasting transparency, preventing discoloration over time. The TPE inner layer effectively absorbs and mitigates impacts, safeguarding your phone from accidental collisions. Additionally, the robust PC back provides extra durability, resisting scratches and daily wear.

To ensure exceptional quality and durability, BUTTERCASE Inspire Series has undergone SGS military-grade 3-meter drop testing, ensuring outstanding pro- tection for your phone during unexpected falls.

Furthermore, the frame of BUTTERCASE Inspire Series is crafted using biode- gradable and eco-friendly materials, reflecting our commitment to sustainability while providing top-notch protection for your phone.

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