Aromatherapy Candle Tools Set Stainless Steel Candle Extinguisher Accessory 4-in-1 Set

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Color: Rose Gold
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MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
COLORS: Gold & Rose Gold
MEASUREMENTS: (Length x Width)
1.Tray: 23 x 9.5 (cm)
2.Wick Scissor: 18 x 6 (cm)
3.Wick Hook: 20 x 1.7 (cm)
4.Candle Snuffer: 19 x 2.4 (cm)
1. Tray: to hold candle care tools after use to prevent them from contaminating the table.
2. Wick Scissors: trim the black wick every time after burning to prevent causing black smoke.
3. Wick Hook: to push the wick into the wax pool, and straighten the candle wick after it is extinguished.
4. Candle Snuffer: to isolate oxygen and extinguish the candle to avoid black generated by blowing out the candle."
1. Due to the nature of handmade products, it is normal to observe a slight difference between the actual item and the one advertised in the listings. These include but are not limited to the slight difference in color, patter, shaper, dimension & weight.
2. Please keep in mind that the item may have a slight defect but is unnoticeable we do not regard small bumps, small dots as a defect. All sales are final.
3. All size and measurement are not 100% accurate, please allow 1-2cm differences due to manual measurement."

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