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  • CARABINER REEL • A cord reel key chain with a carabiner that has a built-in MAGNET. Can be attached to a backpack, bag, or belt loop to hang iPhone cases, keys, etc. For the prevention of falling and loss of important items. • The stretchable reel string is about 85 cm stretched and the magnet load capacity is about 3.4 kg. (Please hang up to 300g) • Both upper and lower are carabiner specifications, so it is easy to attach and detach with one touch.
  • MAGNET HOLDER (holder with a built-in magnet) The lower reel part has a built-in magnet to hold the suspended smartphone or key firmly. It prevents the reel from stretching due to its weight.
  • 360° ROTATABLE (360° rotation) The magnet joint rotates 360°, making it easy to handle from any angle. DESIGNA tough design with an outdoor taste that goes well with climbing backpacks.All 6 colors of black, white, khaki, which is like outdoor gear, and vivid blue, red, and yellow, which is one point of coordination.
  • FOR ANY ACTIVITY (various uses) Not only fishing and mountain climbing, but also active in various outdoor activities such as camping scenes, festivals, and overseas travel. Important smartphones and digital cameras, keys (car keys), outdoor multi-tools, travel goods, wallets, pouches, etc.
  • In principle, we have confirmed that the magnet of this product does not affect smartphones, but depending on the model, there is a possibility that some functions may interfere with the following.
  • ・iPhone focus/camera shake prevention function (when the magnet and camera lens are close to each other) *Please separate from the camera lens when taking a photo.

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