ROKFORM Magnetic Vent Mount with MagSafe Compatible

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Product Description
  • NEW UPGRADED MOUNT: Dual Magnet Super Grip Vent Mount now has a bigger grip area for even better mounting
  • SUPER GRIP: Specially designed vent clip with a larger face provides a solid hold
  • MOUNT IN SECONDS: Slide mount over almost any vent. Use any Rokform magnetic case, MagSafe Compatible iPhone, or use the supplied inserts to mount to nearly any phone or case
  • ANTI-SLIP MAGNETIC FACE: Specially designed silicone face allows stable non-slip mounting: no more sliding or constant adjustment.
  • MACHINED ALUMINUM: Specially designed bezel holds the front grip securely in place and won’t peel off like other lesser quality glued together mounts
  • MAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY: Specially designed Neodymium magnet will not negatively impact your GPS, credit cards, Wi-Fi, Apple Pay, Bluetooth, camera, or data transfer

In The Box
Dual Magnet Vent Mount

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make sure it stays on the vent?
Use an alcohol wipe to thoroughly clean the vent before installing the vent mount. The ROKFORM vent mount has an extra-wide grip on your vent, but proper preparation will improve its holding power. Before installing the vent mount, be sure to clean the vent. If there is any dirt, oil, or other Armor All® type products or residue on the vent it could cause the mount to slip off when removing your phone.
The Vent Mount pulled off my vent when I removed my phone, what do I do?
Be sure your vent is clean and free of dirt, oil or any type of residue.
Remove your phone with a rolling motion to the right or left. DO NOT pull straight out. The connection is designed to be strong so your phone is secure so if you pull straight out which is the strongest connection, it may cause the vent mount to come off with the phone. If the vent mount comes off with the phone just re-install and next time remove the phone with a rolling motion right or left.
How do I install the mount?
Carefully install the vent mount by supporting the vent with your fingers and gently sliding the mount on the vent. Be sure the vent mount is slid all the way in until it bottoms out on the vent. If the vent mount is not fully engaged on the vent, it can more easily come off the vent when removing your phone. DO NOT force the vent mount straight into the vent or you could possibly damage your vent. Use care, support the vent and gently press and wiggle the Vent mount onto your vent.
How do I remove the mount?
Carefully remove the mount by pulling gently and using a side-to-side wiggle motion while supporting the vent. DO NOT force the vent mount straight off or forget to support your vent with your fingers or you could damage your vent.
What is the vent mount made out of?
The Vent Mount is made of Aluminum and TPU and silicone rubber, so it holds tight to your vent and keeps your phone secure.
Do the included steel plates work?
Yes, they do work but not as good as when using a ROKFORM case with magnet. DO NOT use them if you already have a ROKFORM case with a magnet. The steel plates included in the kit are magnetic, but they are not magnets, so the grip is not as good. You can also purchase additional replacement steel plates here. If don’t want to use the plates or a ROKFORM case, try one of our universal adapters.
Does it have an extra magnet for the back of my own case?
No, it does not include a magnet for your case. The Vent mount does include 2 steel plates that can be adhered directly to your phone or non-ROKFORM phone case. The performance, however, will not be as good as with a genuine ROKFORM Magnetic case. Like your case but want a magnet? Try one of our universal adapters.
Will the magnet affect my phone?
NO. ROKFORM Pioneered magnetic technology in the Mobile Electronics Accessory space back in 2011 and now even Apple® has adopted magnetic technology in their phones, accessories and even cases. Our specially designed rare earth magnets are proven safe for all smartphones and tablets. Magnets are safe for your phone and your credit cards, but direct contact can damage other magnetically sensitive products or devices such as floppy discs, hotel keys, and spinning hard drives. Do not use if you have an implanted device.
Does the magnet affect my phone signal?
No. The magnet does not affect the phone signal, GPS, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi.
What is TPU?
TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) is a form of plastic that can be hard or soft and is known for its elasticity and resistance to oil grease and abrasion. We use 85D TPU on our swivel mount to provide grip to hold your phone.
What are the dimensions?
Width = 65.3mm (2.57”)/ Total Height = 36.4mm (1.43”)/ Face thickness = 8mm (.31”)
How big is the magnet inside?
32 x 3.5mm
How much does it weigh?
2.6 oz
Where is the Vent Mount made?
The Vent mount is designed, tested, and shipped to you from Irvine, California, and manufactured in China.

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