Deerma CM800 Handheld Anti-Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner UV Lamp 13KPa Powerful Suction 450W Power 99.9% Removal Rate

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Model: CM800
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Main Features:

 UV light removal, removal rate >99.9%

 The quartz glass ultraviolet lamp emits 253.7nm ultraviolet light, which can directly penetrate the aphids and their eggs

 8000 beats per minute high frequency tapping, shaking out deep mattress mites

 13000Pa strong suction, sucking away the aphids that are shaken away, while deep cleaning the furniture sheets and sofa

● 450W pure copper DC motor

● Double-layer filtration removes mites and discharges fresh air

● Pressure-sensing safety protection, in addition to the sputum to leave the sheets automatically turn off the UV-C UV lamp to avoid direct exposure to the human body

● UV lamp perspective window: Observe the working condition of the UV lamp, and seal the isolated light without leakage damage
● Exhaust air on both sides to avoid hot air blowing: Dissipate heat on the left and right sides, do not directly blow the face to avoid discomfort
● Visualized washing dust box: Sealed and leakproof, easy to remove and wash

Photo-thermal vibration mite removal instrument integrates four common mite removal methods: lighting, heating, beating and sucking, and one-key simultaneously turns on four-fold mite-removing to carry out mite removal to the end.

Fast and effective way to get rid of unwanted dirt or dust mites from your environment. The device innovatively combines high temperature, ultraviolet light, high suction power and high frequency vibration to ensure effective removal of allergens. A strong vibration element, a powerful motor and a control module are responsible for the product's high efficiency.

Comfortable curved handle and one-touch start button. Make one-handed control more comfortable


Brand: Deerma
Model: CM800

Color: White
Rated Power: 450W
Noise Level: ≤75dB
Maximum Vacuum Degree: 13000Pa
Voltage: 220V

Dust Cup Capacity: 0.4L

Filter Type: HEPA

Power Cord Length: 4.2m


Product weight: 1.4500 kg
Package weight: 2.0440 kg
Product size : 35.50 * 23.00 * 16.50 cm / 13.98 * 9.06 * 6.5 inches
Package size : 38.00 * 25.00 * 19.00 cm / 14.96 * 9.84 * 7.48 inches

Package Contents

1 x Host, 1 x Brush, 1 x Manual, 1 x CN Plug (We will send you an adapter for Singapore 3 Pin)

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